baby smith (artworkslive) wrote in wellputtogether,
baby smith

cut & glue 102

mixed media and found objects on altered postcard, 2005
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awesome. i like your use of text.

if you do a lot of mail art and are looking for people to send to/recieve from lemme know. i'd be down for some correspondance.
oooooh thanks!!!
i'm trying to build up my inventory right now, but i'll let you know. i'm a sucker for mail love.. ;D

hey, insufion told me you're an angelino? coooooool! but, you don't live here now, eh?
yeah dude, born and raised. im in boston right now going to school though. it's awesome but i miss home and sun.
i'm putting something in the mail for you today.sorry it took me so long.
busy busy busy.
dude, no prob. im happy to get anything. im way excited now.
i got mail today.. from two people!!
just made my day.
i'll definitely send you something from L.A.
something found or a polaroid or something :)
when i've got some time..if you don't mind..i have to
bug you for info on L.A. ... music..clubs etc.
hope you're having a good night.


September 29 2005, 00:42:57 UTC 12 years ago

yah yah!!!! a gooooooooooooood place to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, what year are you btw, major, etc., and all that good stuff..... and when can we expect you back in the land of la good?
that was me above!!!!
that's i'm all inspired!
i must run home ..very soon..make puddingbaby the collage
i've be saying i'll make for her for too long ..put a stamp on it..and drop it in the mail box!
this communtiy is starting to look really cool :)

i neeeed a scanner..and a plane ticket!
how does one join?
go here:
click the 'join community' link in the first sentence..
and there ya go.
thanx - I couldn't find that page before