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for the collage enthusiast
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this community is for those who love collage...

this includes collages from found images, your own images, any medium, text, or even lifestyles. Something like taking collage to the next level. This community especially focuses on stream of conciousness and its role in spontaneous collaging of pictures and words (so basicly, art and writing alike).

some collective goals of the community:
expanding the means of collage, working with the subconcious, experimenting with stream of conciousness, manipulating popular culture publications, deconstructing text and pictures, creating nonexistant spaces by employing existant ones, exploring new territory, or establishing visual relationships between objects.

There are only a few rules:
1 there aren't really any limits to what could be considered collage or not, and the community is open to (encourages even) all sorts of farfetched and rediculous means of "collaging", but use your best judgement.
2 keep in mind the theme of the community, and use the work of others to inspire you to move outside boundries. try not to make lame posts.
3 no conflicts blah blah etc. discussion or even arguing is encouraged, pointless internet bitchfights are not. criticism (when requested) is encouraged, shittalking is not. don't be an asshole.
4 Please use lj cuts for entries of more than one image. the first image may be posted but all other must be put behind a cut. How To Use an LJ Cut.

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